Lion’s Head Cape Town

Lion’s Head Cape Town 


A mountain of such significance is a must see attraction in Cape Town.

The name Lion’s Head was created from the original name Leeuen Kop which came from the Dutch.  Tourist says that the mountain looks like a proud Lion watching over his kingdom.  This is indeed the truth. Lion’s Head is known for its breath taking view over Cape Town.

Lion’s head forms part of the Table Mountain Nature reserve, it has its own unique “grip” over the mother city of South Africa other than Table Mountain, its “neighbor”.

If you want to make your way up to the 669 meter peak you will need to take a hike, literary. Lion’s Head is popular for its one hour hiking trail, depending on the pace one is prepared to take on.  Make an event out of this and view the full moon, sunsets or to just enjoy a “high” drink. The beauty of the surrounded nature includes the Signal Hill Mountain which was known as a sugar loaf. Nature on its own will make the climb the worthwhile and will be there to encourage you all the way.

On your way up to the peak of the Lion’s head you will not only enjoy the view but the unusual biodiversity. Lion’s head is covered in a blanket of Fynbos, Cape Town’s landmark. The landscape has a variety from Cape Granite at the lower parts of the mountain and a carpet of Table Mountain sand stone at the top. Be on the lookout for small animals hiding in the crowds.


Paragliding is not for everyone but for all the adrenalin junkies out there, be sure to do this once in a life time event. Hike up and take a crazy adventure down. Note: When you’re up there consume as much as possible, you are surrounded by the world’s greatest features.

Where can I stay if I visit Lion’s Head Mountain? Lion’s Head Lodge is a very spacious and affordable place to kick off your shoes after a long hike. This hotel gives you a welcome feeling with sincere staff that is always there to assist. Bear in mind that there are tourism groups around and it will be busy but take this opportunity to socialise with other adventures. This hotel is close to the beaches and has nice Italian restaurants across the road.

Make sure Lion’s Head is on your checklist when visiting Cape Town.



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